Kitchen Cabinets – Don’t Do it Yourself

kitchen cabinets

Considering a kitchen makeover but have only a limited budget to do so? No problem! Just paint them yourself and transform your kitchen into something you’ve never experienced before without the cost of replacing damaged cabinets. This kitchen makeover was a long time in coming. Here is the story from professionals at Kitchen Cabinets Temecula.

When I moved into my new home in 2021, my old kitchen cabinets were in disrepair. I had just purchased my house a year before and by all rights should have had new cabinets installed by then. However, I didn’t. So I just did what any first time homeowner would do. I went to my local Home Depot and got some particleboard, plywood, annealing tape, and cabinet doors.

I started with the painting job. I simply used some basic kitchen cabinets shade paint that I picked up at the local big box home improvement store. I had to sand the boards down and smooth out any rough edges before applying the new coating. To save money, I used an unpainted kitchen and painted it for a much lower price than buying new cabinets.

Once I was finished, I cleaned off the old stain and left it to dry overnight. When morning came, I could not believe how light the paint was. I applied another layer of kitchen cabinets shade paint and before I knew it, my kitchen cabinets were gleaming! The color of the paint on my kitchen cabinets was so dramatic that it looked as if someone had totally riped the kitchen cabinets apart and replaced them with new ones. I felt like a million bucks.

I did the same thing for my dining room. By removing the paint from the cabinet doors and replacing them with new cabinet doors that matched the decor of the room, I was able to bring the look of my dining room right into my kitchen. To make the process easier, I purchased unfinished cabinet doors and simply installed them. Using the same method, I was able to remove the wax coating from my kitchen cabinets and install the new doors.

It is quite common to spend a lot of money and time reinstalling kitchen cabinets when renovating a home. In most cases, the cost of the total project far exceeds the cost of the materials that you would usually purchase to re-caulk existing cabinets. In addition to costing a fortune, reinstalling cabinets can reduce the current value of your home. If you are considering replacing your existing cabinets, why not consider doing the entire thing from scratch? Rather than replacing everything, take one aspect of your kitchen renovation and replace it with another. This will save you thousands of dollars and increase the home value of your property.

When my wife asked me to reface kitchen cabinets, I was skeptical at first. After all, I have seen hundreds of home remodeling jobs over the years and none of them had been as expensive and involved as her. But I decided that I was willing to give it a try. I did an online search for “refacing kitchen cabinets” and looked through dozens of pictures of people who had done just that. The overall process seemed simple enough. After purchasing some hardware and cabinet door handles to begin my work, I contacted a local cabinet distributor to make arrangements.

When the job was complete, I found that I could significantly increase the current home value of my house by simply upgrading the kitchen cabinets. The entire project required about two days from start to finish. And, I believe that the price I paid was actually cheaper than the potential home value increase that I would have received had I chosen to hire a contractor to perform an equally complex home renovation job. Regardless of what you decide to do, replacing cabinets with fresh cabinets and a fresh coat of paint will dramatically improve your home’s appearance and its value.